by Te Vaka
Warm Earth Records      www.tevaka.com

  More quality music from our favorite South Pacific Polynesia Band with the cd release NUKUKEHE: if you've ever wondered what modern Polynesian music outside (south) of Hawaii might sound like, you should check out Te Vaka, a very spirited group who mixes the ancient with the modern.

 Great vocal harmonies, male and female, with guitars and lots of percussion including log drums mark Te Vaka's sound. We've heard some of the songs on NUKUKEHE on other Te Vaka releases but we love them so much we don't care.  People sometimes ask me what such a group could sound like: my reply: South Africa meets Tahiti.  If you've never heard Tahitian music, substitute very traditional Hawaiian dance music.

 Te Vaka is a very important group among the islands of the South Pacific. Bringing an ancient culture into the modern world is not easy, especially if you're considered a bit controversial by the authorities. But Te Vaka struggles on charming audiences worldwide.

 Long live Te Vaka, the culture they represent, and the environment they are trying to save!