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Italian Cafe
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Putumyao    www.putumayo.com

 Once again Putumayo comes up with a fun anthology of some of the easiest introductions to music from another country: in this case, Italy - and what a crazy collection is ITALIAN CAFE !

 Who knew that when the USA was going through an Italian pop (lounge) music phase in the late 1940s and 50s, Italy was itself going through a similar phase where Italian singers listened to Dean Martin and Louis Prima?

 You'd think so, anyway, listening to ITALIAN CAFE, which goes back to the end of World War II when Italy was overrun with American GIs.

 Just as we're had modern artists looking back at this era and mixing in newer or strange experimental sounds (think Tom Waits), Italy has had similar artists pushing the envelope, so some of the recordings are fairly new.

 It's not always easy to tell, though, with recording was done when, as the music sometimes sounds like the 1930s, the 50s, the 60s; then at other times an amalgam of all.

 Is it fun? You bet: 'lounge music' collectors need ITALIAN CAFE in their collections.