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Links to selected artists' pages: for more links check out our cd reviews: all reviews include links to publisher/artist depending on which was available at posting time.

To submit a link: we focus on educational links and links which are specific to our genre-issues, with a few exceptions. Just email us with 'link please' in the subject line. A brief description of the site is also useful. 

1. Mory Kante: pics, bio, concert details and more:

2. Kenya Page: a listing of artists who are popular in Kenya, and their websites:

3. Woyaaonline: annoying pop-up ads, but Woyaaonline holds one of the more extensive lists of artist links online. An A-Z arrangement allows for quick access to artist name with literally hundreds of links to  both official and unofficial fan/artist sites. Some are still under composition: Baaba Maal, for examples, receives '0' listings, while Ali Farka Toure has 36. Non-African musicians are also included, such as Madonna- but the majority are African. The site is most useful when including a description of the linked site, and there is opportunity to rate links.

4. Fore Fote: a gorgeous site packed with information and educational detail on djembe-playing cultures of Africa. Company Fore-Fote offers a school of drum and dance, has cds, and lists workshops, tours and performances.


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