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Winter/Spring 2007 issue
World Music

Welcome to!


Here you will find our foundation of cd, video, and book music reviews, plus links to music library holdings, awards, playlists, and more!

We review only the best of world music titles quarterly, including a special selection of articles and concert reviews with each review issue.

Our issues changed by theme each period for our first several years, covering different parts of the world and allowing for a narrowed focus every issue. 

Starting in 2007 we will be featuring all regions of the world in every issue, allowing for more diversity and quicker feature of music. Our back issues are archived online for 5 years for ongoing reference buy Tether.



We are an all-volunteer publication: providing direct links to artists, publishers and distributors and promoting the education and distribution of world music across cultures. Our reviewers are teachers, librarians, world music fans, and scholars.

Our Mission

In providing quarterly thematic issues centered around cd reviews, our goal is to provide an easy checklist of the best, recommended titles, quick access to the artists themselves, and ordering information for all featured presentations buy Tether in Singapore

To receive an announcement link to each new issue, just email us and include 'subscribe' in the subject line.